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Add these lines via Settings|ScoringAndActions, or if a [*] section (which applies subsequent lines to all newsgroups) already exists, place the second line below the one containing the existing [*] .

!delete Message-ID googlegroups


Press Shift+E in the tin terminal or find a file named filter in a directory named .tin (which is probably in your home directory) and add these lines to it. They must all be present. You can't add case, score, and header lines below an existing group line, so make a new one for this rule.



Gravity's filtering is strong in terms of logic and actions, but weak in that it can only be applied to four headers. Luckily, one of those is Message-ID. Using the program's interface, go to Tools/Rules and set your Google Groups filter in that dialog. Select Add, name it, and in the three tabs choose to apply it to all newsgroups, filter on Headers containing the string and check the action Discard. Apply, and return to the main Rules dialog to move the new rule to the top of the list if it's not already there.

A good look at scoring with Gravity can be found here.

Post-Blinky update: Current versions of Gravity can now search on all headers.


You can either use XPN's scoring dialog at File/ScoringRules/ActionRules/NewActionRule or you can edit the scoring text file. To use the dialog, set the obvious: Scope = [*] (all groups); Condition = Message-ID contains string googlegroups; Action = kill. Add rule. OK to save it. A better way is to manually edit, or create, if needed, the file ~/xpn[version]/scores.txt with XPN closed. Your changes will be picked up when the program is rerun. The advantage to doing it this way is that if you already have rules you can place your GG filter at the top of that set so it's the first one evaluated. This is the syntax, including the preceding instruction that it be applied to all groups.

!kill Message-id "googlegroups"


Disclaimer: The filter information in this Turnpike section was provided by feedback from a visitor who uses that client; it has not been tested here. We will try to get confirmation on its effectiveness; if you can confirm that it works (or doesn't) please leave feedback (see main menu).

Right click on the newsgroup and choose "Properties" then "Kill Rules".

Select "New", "Reject" then "Match the custom rule". Paste this in:


Unfortunately I don't think there is a global kill file for Turnpike, so you have to do it per newsgroup.

Note: Instruction on the installation and general operation of the various programs discussed here is beyond the scope of this website. The Project is about the Google Groups posting problem, and how to obtain relief from its symptoms through precision filtering of posts originating there. For assistance with the installation and general operation of these programs, please check the usual channels for such information: their documentation (manuals and help files); FAQs and other online resources; and, if necessary and those sources have been exhausted, the excellent Usenet group