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The Results Of Proper Filtering: Oh, What A Relief It Is

Below are two screen captures which show the article list for a Usenet group. The Linux news client Pan was in use; that is the primary client here for that platform. Naturally, other clients - and users' setups - will display the list differently.

No other filters are engaged for this illustration – only the filter on Google Groups postings (which uses the UIP-supported rule for the Message-ID header).

In the following capture, that filter has been temporarily tweaked to show Google Groups posts with a red background in the articles list. Also, threading has been disabled to simplify the comparison. Note that this first image is only an illustration of the severity of the Google Groups problem if not properly handled; this is not a recommendation to configure your news client to show GG posts; the objective is to not see them.

Screencap - GG posts shown.

The second capture shows the same group, but the Google Groups filter has been returned to its normal setting to clean the group rather than pointing out abuse from Google Groups:

Screencap - GG posts cleaned.

Naturally, the second view shows a noticeably shorter list of articles (in some groups, the difference will be even greater) since the Google Groups stuff has been cleaned out.

This is the question: Whether 'tis easier on the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of abuse from Google Groupers; or take arms against this sea of troubles and by filtering end them.

The first option, of course, will appeal to the masochistic.