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The FAQ for the newsgroup has taken the form of several mini-articles dealing with each of the categories listed below.

The authors will be more than happy to answer any questions which they may have managed to miss (that is, for those still on the net). To make it convenient to do that, you'll see an e-mail link as the by-line when applicable, and often another at the end of the article.

Plain-text versions of any of these articles may be obtained by sending an e-mail request to Steve Ackman. He's also the guy to contact if you'd like to contribute an article.

FAQ Table of Contents
 #   Title   Original Author   Contributing Authors   Last Updated 
  Safety Paul Wilson Steve Ackman John Riordan 08/24/99
1 Introduction and Rules of the Newsgroup Paul Wilson Steve Ackman 01/10/06
2 Glass Cutting Steve Ackman   01/10/06
3 Copper-Foil Technique and Soldering Paul Wilson   08/24/99
4 Lead Came Paul Wilson   08/24/99
5 Kiln Forming, or Warm Glass Steve Ackman   12/06/98
5a Spectrum Firing Guide Spectrum Steve Ackman 08/25/99
6 Sandblasting, etching, carving. Roger Smith Steve Ackman 04/03/97
7 Beadmaking Steve Ackman   08/23/99
8 Selecting Glass Paul Wilson   08/23/99
9 Hot Glass - glass blowing and other work over 2000 degrees Mike Firth   03/31/97
10 WWW Sites John Riordan   01/09/06
11 Tools Paul Wilson Steve Ackman 08/23/99
12 Glossary Paul Wilson Steve Ackman 08/23/99
13 Drilling Holes In Glass & Cutting Bottles Paul Wilson Steve Ackman 05/08/00

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