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Xnews Releases

The 5.04.25 version of Xnews that shows as its "latest version" on its website is from 2002. The "test" version is from 2006.

The designation "test" for an Xnews release means that you're only getting the executable file, which you simply need to copy to your Xnews directory by overwriting the old one. The non-"test" releases contain all of the other files associated with Xnews as well as the executable. Your Xnews configuration will not be changed when you copy the new executable into your Xnews directory. The "test" version is as stable as the old ones; the ZIP just doesn't have the other files, so it's an UPGRADE version, not a new version. Calling it "test" is just a naming quirk; stop worrying about it and download it. You can rename the old executable if you wish to archive it, before copying the newer release into that directory.

One more time: The latest version is 2006.08.24 and the only difference between older versions and TEST versions is how they are packaged. The older versions have zip files that include all of the required files, while the TEST version just contains the new executable.

Got that, yet?

And the dumb "??.1.30" name you might have seen? The author screwed up when he released it, using the wrong year-of-Xnews number (the digit before the first dot), and corrected that error by making things worse with the question marks. Done right, that should have been 8.01.30, reflecting its release on January 30 of its eighth year of life, 2005.

Download Xnews here.

Contributed by the mysterious XS11E:

As far as Beta releases, the beta testing is done by a very competent group of beta testers consisting of Luu Tran prior to being designated as a "Test" version.

If it doesn't make sense to have only one beta tester, consider this from the manual:

"I wrote Xnews for me to use. The program heavily reflects my
preferences, habits, and sensibility. Yes, extensive end-user
research went into the making of this software, albeit of only
one user."

Now it should make sense, the software is designed for one and ONLY one user, if it satisfies him that's all that matters.

However, he also says:

"That said, if there's something you want to see added/changed,
it doesn't hurt to ask. Provided that the change will result in
the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people while
causing the least amount of pain to me, I may just do it."

Please pay careful attention to the word "may"!


The Xnews release numbering systems, contributed by »Q«:

1998 version 1.x
1999 version 2.x
2000 version 3.x
2001 version 4.x
2002 version 5.x
2003 version 6.x
2004 more version 6.x, because Luu had become confused
2005 version ??.x, because Luu realized he had become confused
2005 version 2005.x, new versioning scheme because Blinky had become
     confused  (I know, I know. ;)
2006 version 2006.x
2007 no releases, presumably would have been 2007.x

Blinky Note

Rumors that I am the distributor for the new XnewsGold With Spell Checker are absolutely false.

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