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Take a look at Scroogle. It's a front end (which they call a "scraper") for Google without the paid advertising hits. It's slick. It also doesn't return the "similar" pages that Google offers at the end of its primary list, that you probably never look at anyway. It will return up to 100 hits - you set the number. And make sure you go to their home page (also linked from their results page) for other information. Note too that Scroogle offers a Firefox search box plugin, and also has a Yahoo scraper. Check 'em out.

Clean, isn't it?

Update - 27 Jan 2006:

With the US federal government recently going after Google for records of searches, many people in that jurisdiction see the camel's nose peeking inside the tent, with the next step being a demand for user identities. Scroogle notes that access records for their Google scraper are deleted after seven days. I don't know why they're retained for even that long, but, that said, I think for some the case for using Scroogle's proxy has been made stronger with this new anti-privacy development.

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