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image of Pinto and Octagon These are the write-ups from their catalog
[with my comments noted]

The Pinto

.6 cu. ft. * 115V AC * 1650 deg

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, the Pinto is still large enough - 6" deep and 14-3/8" opening - [1] to let you undertake a wide variety of glass projects. The Pinto's element is in the lid for even heating and faster firing, giving superior control for single layers. A 115V infinite switch allows precise control for consistent, high quality creative results. Use the Pinto anywhere you have a standard 115V, 20 amp outlet. [2] This handy little unit comes standard with infinite switch control, pyrometer and stand. Optional shelves are available.

[1] From the flat of one side to the point of the opposite side is actually 15-1/4". Probably the 14-3/8" they mention is the size of the circle that would touch all seven sides.

[2] Rated at 1690 watts.

I started out doing glass in a four-room apartment, and the Pinto was ideal in that situation (that is if anything could be "ideal" in a four-room apartment).

The Octagon Fuser

1.3 cu. ft. * 240 V AC * 1650 deg

Versatility is the key word for our larger, side fired glass kiln. The Octagon fuser operates on any 240 V, 20 Amp circuit.[*] Its Dawson Kiln Sitter povides automatic shut-off in all types of production. Side elements and 9" of depth allow you to use two shelves for 400 square inches of usable area. Slump larger pieces on a single shelf using the full 17-1/2" opening and 9" depth. The Octagon Fuser's infinite switch permits precise temperature control. The top-loading, multi-side design eliminates hot or cold spots, so you can use the entire firing chamber. Comes standard with infinite switch and stand. Kiln shelves and pyrometer are available.

[*] The Fuser actually draws 15 amps and is rated at 3600 watts.

For more info,

Skutt Ceramic Products, Inc.
2618 S.E. Steele Street
Portland, Oregon 97202
(503) 231-7726

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