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Ok, that was the official version... In addition to those things (which were all for compensation) I've done a lot of things just for the experience of doing them, or sometimes because I had to, or sometimes just because I enjoyed it... (no particular order except for how they pop to mind)

Rappelled down a cliff, wrote and published a politically oriented newsletter for a couple years, made soap, produced hydrogen and chlorine gas, built fireworks, brewed beer (not from a kit, either - right from the malted barley and hop blossoms up), rebuilt auto engines, made the pattern for the cast iron door of a woodstove I built, made a parabolic solar reflector, climbed mountains, mud-bogged & rock climbed in 4WD, worked stone, built forms for, and poured concrete, gardened (I can't believe that's so far down the list!), play guitar and sing, written various computer programs (back in 6510 days), taken kung fu, camped & canoed (only class II whitewater), raised chickens (ever try to figure out what to do with 7 dozen eggs in your refrigerator?) and goats...
I guess that's enough for now, but really, the list just goes on...

I can't even count all the places I've lived [see below] but they've ranged from North Dakota to Texas to Puerto Rico to Germany to Florida to Maine. Hopefully, the next place we move will be the "perfect" place and we'll never move again... I'm just plain sick of moving...

Ideally, I'd like to find a place with a south facing hill, mixture of woods and pasture, maybe a stream meandering across it (hopefully with enough head and flow for a small hydro plant - 300 watts would be nice), fertile loamy soil in the pasture and nice granite stone in the hills... and hopefully, the winters won't be too harsh. (BUT, since we just moved to our present home in October, I don't *really* want to find it for a couple of years ;)

Glasswise, I have managed to get to the Swarovski Factory in Austria, watched glassblowers at work in Venice, and crystal engravers in Germany. We went to a lot of crystal and porzelan places...

I'm happily married for going on [x] years, have two girls in college, and two dogs at home (and a cat that comes around for food occasionally)
[x] married since April '76
Okay... I guess that about does it.
You all pretty much know who your glass guy is now. :)

 - Steve
        GLASS HOST of the ARTS & CRAFTS Forum


Before I get too senile to remember, I should write down the places I've lived. I figure any place you make a change of address to is more than just a "visit," so these are the places where settled long enough to get mail: (The M denotes where our married life began, the A shows active duty military, and the (-) denotes where we were living when I posted the above message)

     Del Rio, Texas 
1960 Minot, North Dakota
     Anoka, Minnesota
     Crash Boat Beach, Puerto Rico
1970 Pease AFB, New Hampshire
  M  Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  A  Ft. Jackson, South Carolina
  A  Deering, Georgia
  A  El Paso, Texas (Bellrose)
  A  El Paso, Texas (Bert Yancy)
  A  Dörnigheim (near Frankfurt), Germany 
  A  Idenheim (near Bitburg), Germany (it was FRG then)
     Rye, New Hampshire
     Portsmouth, New Hampshire
1980 Berwick, Maine
     Kittery Point, Maine
  A  Ft. Dix, New Jersey
  A  Nürenberg, Germany (still FRG)
  A  Lawton, Oklahoma
     Middleburg, Florida (Live Oak)
1990 Middleburg, Florida (Rosemary)
     Middleburg, Florida (Ten Rod)
     Middleburg, Florida (P.O. Box - trailer)
     Rye, New Hampshire
     Dover, New Hampshire
 (-) Strafford, New Hampshire
     Gallup, New Mexico (Aztec)
     Lakeland, Florida
     Strafford, New Hampshire
     Gallup, New Mexico (Kiva)
     Gainesville, Florida
2000 Archer, Florida
     San Carlos, San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation
     Strafford, New Hampshire
     Cass Lake (Bemidji), Minnesota
     Whiteriver, Ft. Apache Indian Reservation (W. Walnut)
     Show Low, Arizona
     Shiprock, Navajo Nation (Yucca)
     Lisbon, New Hampshire
2010 Shiprock, Navajo Nation (Aspen... sort of)
     Whiteriver, Ft. Apache Indian Reservation (W. Choctaw)
     Crow Agency, Crow Reservation
     Arizona City, AZ 
     Dover, NH environs (Epsom, NH, Sanford, ME, Elliot, ME)
     Candler, NC environs (Canton, Asheville, Fletcher)
     St. Augustine, FL
     Canton, NC

The list of countries visited is much shorter, 'specially since I'll leave repeats out... ;)

Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Lichtenstein, Switzerland

And then the states I've NOT been through or to:

Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon

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